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Jahdan Blakkamoore – Earthshaking

Jahdan is “one of the most versatile vocalists in the world.” Exclaim

Respect to Maga Bo for the production on this.

BUZZROCK WARRIOR is in stores and online now!  iTunes, Amazon, Boomkat, HMV for digital.

Here’s a list of key US retailers; where you can pick up a physical copy of the album:

AKA Music – Philadelphia
Amoeba SF / Berkeley / Hollywood
Angelos – Colorado
Bull Moose – Maine (9 locations)
Cheapo – Minnesota (4 locations)
Criminal Records – Atlanta
Dimple – Sacramento
Disc Exchange – Knoxville, TN
Disc N Dat – Tacoma, WA
Everyday Music – Oregon (Multiple Locations)
Ear Xtacy – Louisville, KY
Easy Street – Seattle, WA
Electric Fetus – Minneapolis / St Paul, MN (2 locations)
Fingerprints – Long Beach, CA
Graywhale – Salt Lake City, UT (7 locations)
Grimeys – Nashville, TN
Park Avenue – Orlando, FL (2 locations)
Twist And Shout – Denver, CO
Independent Records – Colorado (6 locations)
Melody Records – Washington, DC
Music Millenium – Portland, OR
Newbury Comics – New England (Mass/RI/CT)
Other Music – NYC
Rasputins – SF/Bay Area (7 locations)
Salzers – Ventura, CA
Shake It – Cincinnati, OH
Silver Platters – Seattle / Tacoma, WA (3 locations)
Sonic Boom – Washington (2 locations)
Soundgarden – Baltimore, MD
Streetlight – San Jose/Santa Cruz, CA (2 locations)
Vons – Lafayette, IN
Waterloo – Austin, TX
Zia – Arizona + las Vegas (10 locations)

first thing – Que Bajo?! Dance Party tonite! from 11PM –   4AM

@ Santos Party House  (96 Lafayette Street – 3 blocks south of Canal Street)

Special guest Polito Jr. (La Mega 97.9 afterparty)

along side Que Bajo?! DJs Geko Jones & Uproot Andy

It ain’t too late to RSVP/facebook


Friday night – DUTTY ARTZ in Boston!

DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek shake down the Institute of Contemporary Art (100 Northern Ave) w/ Jahdan Blakkamoore making special appearance – “A spectacular evening of innovative, African-influenced music.” Also performing, a “post afrobeat”dance band NOMO. Facebook/info.

Having only been away from the states for nine months I’m amazed at the diversity of produce available at the grocery store. I’m equally excited about the excellent shows laced up and down the best coast these next few weeks.

First up is Tim Turbo from Seen (aka the non-hippie reggae and dance hall site) and Danny Scrilla doing dates down California  and then over into Texas… “equipped with black duffle bags, brimful with Ghetto Lazerbass.”

Turbo and Scrilla Tour Mix Tracklist HERE

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August 5th, San Francisco @ Vessel Nightclub
August 6th, Santa Barbara @ EOS Lounge
August 7th, L.A. @ Lot 613
August 8th, San Diego @ The W Hotel
August 12th, Dallas @ Zubar
August 13th, Austin @ Barcelona

I really wish they could have joined me up in Cascadia- where I’ve got a few things going on in the next week.

I’ll be dropping down to Portland for a party this Saturday- August 8- with the Various crew at Branx… You can listen to the exclusive mix “DefinatelyMaybe” I did for them HERE.

Next week, the 13th,  I’ll be up in Vancouver  with the Thursday Ting! Crew at The Woods Studio @ 2nd and Ontario

Come through!

New mix finished/and up for PDXINDUB.COM

I will be performing a vibrational rhythmanalysis of the control city Portland, Oregon. August 8th @ Various (Branx)

Head HERE to stream/DL

Colleen- The Happy Sea
8 Ball and MJG- Relax and Take Notes
Sukh Knight – Diesel Not Petrol
Raffertie – AntiSocial (B. Rich Remix)
Lexie Lee- Warlord’s Daughter (Paceface and Sticky Rmx)
Joker- Purple City
Trina Ft. Lil Wayne- Dont Trip (Lunice Lazer Rmx)
Fused Forces- Cock Back and Blast
Fused Forces- Footsteps
LionDub and Shadetek Ft. Jahdan- General (Marcus Visionary Rmx)
Timbaland- Pony Inst.
Cardopusher- Lacra
Salem – Trapdoor

This is a dubsteppy thing- but keeps things fresh and colorful with plenty of pressure.

I’m back on the blogging horse/elephant- new mixes and an exclusive interview with Lisbon’s Octa Push come soon!


Who said man can’t spit? Definitely not anyone in their right mind, because if there’s one thing that can be said about Eskiboy is that he got spits (endless, delightful bars, word to Rapper Big Pooh.) Don’t let “Wearing My Rolex” fool you. He’s disgustingly great, a deranged MC, and unquestionably the king of Grime. He’s made the wise decision to return to making pure grime music again, though he’s unapologetic about the whole “commercial grime” racket, and still dabbles in it. If you have any doubt about, preview the following tracks off the new album Race Against Time, which is probably the most solid album in the UK right now*. Beware of the Skream-produced track “The Olly”, least favorite cut.

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Wiley – Off The Radar

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Wiley – Out Of The Game

* – I still have to listen to Skepta’s Microphone Champion, Frisco’s tape, Bashy’s album (should I even bother?), Killa P, and a bunch of others I’m not even aware of yet.  I have already listened to Donaeo’s Party Hard LP, which is decent if you are able to tolerate cheesy inflection of R&B, Disco, Funky singing, and the fact that Donaeo is obsessed with the sound of his own name, not to mention the scat singing.

Here’s a quick reminder of some Dutty Artz movements around the globe this weekend.
NY TROPICAL is in Brooklyn tonight w/ very special live guest 77Klash and Fader magazine writer and DJ Eddie Stats, tomorrow Geko Jones is ripping San Francisco w/ Chief Boima, Taliesin is in Glasgow tonight wrapping up his European trek, and DJ /rupture is shaking down Berlin w/ The Bug, Kid606, Sick Girls – also check for him tomorrow at Bercelona Primavera Sound. Feast your eyes on some visual delights/peep the fliers:

Large Hangars and Fuel Storage/Tonopah Test Range, NV/Distance ~18 miles/10:44 am by Trevor Paglen

Mark Danner is one of the good journalists. His work navigates nearly impenetrable messes of deceit and deception like the 2000 Florida vote recount, the nefarious path to the American war in Afghanistan and Iraq, U.S. Military intervention in Reagen era El Salvador… the list goes on- but I think when you have Susan Sontag call you “one of our best, most ambitious narrative journalists” you’ve pretty much fulfilled your journalistic duty to the world.

One of my biggest fears during the election was that once/if Obama was elected there would be a psychic closure on the Bush years. In a more utilitarian sense, I am afraid that people are so excited about entering a “new era” that they  forget that there is a lot of unfinished business from the last 8 years that needs to be sorted out. Danner’s latest piece, “US Torture: Voices From the Black Sites,” which appeared in the new issue of the New York Review of Books on Monday, is doing some of the heavy lifting. It contains detailed accounts of interrogations of “highvalue detainees” at secret “black site” prisons. An excerpt from the piece – about a tenth of it – appeared on the OpEd page of Sunday’s New York Times. It’s a potent reminder that the clean up process has just begun.

Wayne says PDFs are the new MP3s- so here is a PDF of the whole article as it appeared in the New York Review of Books. This is painful to read, and while for some it might be confirming what they thought they already knew- there’s something deeply moving about reading first hand accounts of the abuse against “our enemies.”

Mark Danner “US Torture: Voices from the Black Sites” PDF (9 pages)