This weekend I will be busy busy busy.

Mainly with this:

BEMF Flier Lineup

I am playing early at Zablonskis on 11/11/11 (magic date) along with lots of others DJs I love for the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival curated by Mean Red.


10pm-11pmMatt Shadetek
11pm-12am Shawn Reynaldo
12am-1am Dre Skull
1am-2am Dubbel Dutch
2am -3am Schlachthofbronx
3am -4am NIKKO
But I will also be opening for Kraak and Smaak at Drom on Thursday AND at the studio at Webster Hall on Saturday w/ my friend DJ Kiva. Lots of great music!

I started teaching at Dubspot in August, thanks to Matt Shadetek. Before I began teaching I was a teacher assistant for DJ Kiva for about a month, and it was during this period that Kiva gave our class a sneak peek of his project 1000 Sunrises, which he finally put out last week.  It always awesome to hear a project during its earlier stages, and then hearing it completed.  Definitely worth checking out.

DJ Kiva will be dropping this freshness November 10th at Le Poisson Roug with Africa Hitech, and he will be rocking Webster Hall with Matt Shadetek November 12th.

The following material was pulled from the Dubspot blog, which Lamin wrote:

Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist producer and musician DJ KIVA returns with a superb new solo album 1000 Sunrises out October 18 on his  Adios Babylon imprint via Destroy All Concepts.

Navigating beauty and pain with deep, mesmeric, off-centered beats, soulful, dub-wise electronic impressions, twirling synthlines, and reinforced sub-bass, 1000 Sunrises is a perfectly balanced album. The six tracks presented here are meticulously and lovingly put together, and they move with an unhurried, reassuring pace. From the opening “Feel It,” with its extra-bouncy thump and unrelenting, catchy synthline to the meditative “Tayyib,” which maintains a solemn and contemplative mood with eerie voices but holds a propulsive groove, and the staggeringly beautiful, mind-expanding title track “1000 Sunrises,” DJ Kiva remains remarkably self-reliant and uncompromising in aesthetic throughout the entire album. Album closer “City Of The Dawn” is the uplifting, post-future, and soulful electronic music you can only get from an experienced and self-assured electronic music producer, whose style and range go far beyond arbitrary and trendy sub-genres. Electronics, melody, dub, and soul come together – same as it never was.

[youtube width=”525″ height=”355”][/youtube]


Check this short video shot at Sweat Lodge by Atropolis and 2Melo and edited by Erik Marika Rich.


Next Friday September 9th we’re back at the Cove for another Dutty Artz family reunion.  I’d just like to say thanks so much to everyone who came and partied and played at the last one, especially Uproot Andy and 2Melo, I really enjoyed it and I think it was maybe our best attended party yet. For the next one we’ve got Chicago’s own DJ NewLife who has been running one of Chicago’s best tropical/whateverbass parties flying in to drop some bombs for us AND DA’s own Taliesin is back in the states after a crazy world traveling year spent in Brazil, Jamaica and South Africa (and many places in between).  Chief Boima is also back in the building after his own travels in Africa, if you were there for the last one he was dropping some crazy music from Liberia that really caught my attention and I’m eagerly waiting to hear what he’ll play this time.  Lamin Fofana is also re-joining us and I’m equally excited to hear what he’ll pull out with the new DJ setup he’s using, hopefully including some of the new crazy techno-ish stuff he’s been producing.  As usual I will be there DJing, selling hats, shirts and CDs and of course getting drunk and yelling over my friends DJ sets.


Dutty Artz Sweat Lodge

The Cove 108 N. 6th St, Brooklyn (L to Bedford Subway Stop)

Friday Sept. 9th 10PM-4AM

Free Admission!


DJ NewLife

Chief Boima


Lamin Fofana

Matt Shadetek


RSVP on Facebook here.

I’ve been relaxing these past few days. My time was vaguely starting to resemble that freelancer’s rarity: a vacation. Whatever it was, it’s over. TOUR TIME! Several European dates and some special events in Morocco. But first – Last night was a fun radio show (if I don’t play the entirety of Reich’s “Come Out” bookended by juke trax, who will?)

Today’s party in a Copenhagen park marks the start of the Denmark leg of the tour, where I’ll be playing dates with Mutamassik and giving a free “master class” with Mad Professor.

Full-size tour flyer here.


This month you’ve got plenty of opportunities to catch up with Jace: A dance party in a boat on the Seine, a special concert in North Africa’s only arthouse cinema, an outdoor getdown in Copenhagen w/ the OG lady DJ known as Mutamassik, a free class on DJ/production with Mad Professor, an audio installation that takes real-time financial data about genetically modified soy from Latin America and the Brabant region’s pig farming and translates it into sound, a dance party on the beautiful Croatian coast, and more…


tour dates

Aug 10 – Mudd Up Book Clubb. Madrid, Spain
Aug 12 – Terraneo Festival . Šibenik, Croatia
Aug 16 – Nørrebroparken in Copenhagen, Denmark. w/ Mutamassik
Aug 17 – free Master Class w/ Rupture + Mad Professor! Culture Box, CPH
Aug 19 – Århus, Denmark. w/ Mutamassik.
Aug 20 – STØJ. Hillerød, Denmark.
Aug 24 – Paradiso . Amsterdam, NL. w/ The Ex
Aug 26 – Le Petit Bain . Paris, France. w/ Axel Krygier
Sept 9 – Cinematheque du Tanger. Tangier, Morocco. w/ Nettle & Imanaren
Sept 12-18 – The Soya Waltz (interactive audio installation) Incubate Festival . Tilburg, Holland

?? twitter @djrupture




Let’s party!  Next Sweat Lodge we’ve got some old and new friends joining us.  2Melo, who is part of Atropolis Cumba Mela crew has been heating up Brooklyn’s warehouses, boats and other strange places for the past few years and I’ve had a blast every time that I’ve played with him.  It was actually through a couple of gigs around Brooklyn with Cumba Mela that I got to know Atropolis and his music which lead to his release on DA.  Lamin Fofana needs no re-introduction to readers of these pages and will be re-joining us after a hiatus. I understand he’s been working on a new set including some of his own new productions so I’m very excited to hear that.  Finally Uproot Andy who was a resident at Sweat Lodge’s big sister New York Tropical and is fresh off his recent tour of Europe and Summer Stage appearance will be returning to rock with us, so it’s a family reunion of sorts.  I’ll be there too, of course but taking the early warm up this time to make room for our guests.

RSVP on Facebook



Uproot Andy


Lamin Fofana

Matt Shadetek



Friday, August 12th 10PM-4AM


The Cove 108 N. 6th St. (L train to Bedford)





This week is Design Week/International Furniture Fair in Milan, and I’ll be eating delicious #food then giving a special performance as part of Domus magazine’s week-long event series Urban Futures.

On Wednesday April, 13th, starting at 9pm, you can catch musician Giuseppe Ielasi (whose work may be familiar to listeners of my radio show), followed by DJ N-Ron and myself, bringing the party with video-projection accompaniment across a 28-meter long wall courtesy of dotdotdot‘s ‘architectural video mapping’. At the Salone 2011 (Opificio 31, Via Tortona 31).

big 336470 3776 dett2 LOW[dotdotdot’s rendering of their wild video wall]

Domus’s week of events looks fascinating. Includes talks on the Post-Oil City and The Open-Source City, bringing in heavyweights from OMA, MoMA, Fritz Haeg, and more. For the Twitter-view: @DomusWeb.

The Harlem Is Nowhere mix that I did with Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts early this year is part of Domus’s City Mixtape series. After Milan I return to Casablanca, where we’ll base the Beyond Digital project (instead of Marrakesh) this summer.

Casablanca is north Africa’s largest city. It’s big and gritty, center to Morocco’s music industry and art scenes… As well as an incredible vinyl spot, Le Comptoir Marocain de Distribution de Disques (26 ave. Lalla Yacout). Here’s a nice writeup on CMDD: pt 1|pt2 and some photos. One of the world’s great record shops!


[Le Comptoir Marocain de Distribution de Disques, photo from Tales from Bradistan blog]

March tour, various projects, a lot of exciting sounds to soak up. Rupture is me, Nettle is five of us. The Ex is four people who perform with one brain-body and when it hits, as it always does, it’s incredible – a truly astonishing band to experience live. Malian singer Khaira Arby is Ali Farka Toure’s cousin but breathtaking in her own right. Nguzunguzu are so nice you’ll want to move to L.A. to hang out with them and Total Freedom and work on some of the practical implications of utopia. Morocco is where I go instead of SXSW.


[photo by Jason Nocito, for The Fader]


Sat March 5 – Nettle. Brooklyn The Bell House. w/ Khaira Arby + Sway Machinery

Wed March 9 – DJ Rupture, The Ex. Brooklyn Rock Shop

Thu March 10 – Nettle. Brooklyn Zebulon. w/ Lamin Fofana. *free*

Fri March 11 – DJ Rupture. Brooklyn. The Cove. w/ Nguzunguzu, Maga Bo, Matt Shadetek, Chief Boima. *free*

Sat March 12 – DJ Rupture, The Ex. Washington D.C. The Black Cat

Sun March 13 – DJ Rupture, The Ex. Philadelphia First Unitarian Church


and on the 14th I fly to Morocco, joining Marjana for preliminary Beyond Digital fieldwork in Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakesh!

I strongly recommend you check out The Ex.


Everybody come sweat with us, that’s the way we like it.

New York City is about cultural compression (in a good way) and super expensive everything else (in a bad way). So in efforts to raise our collective quality of life, the Dutty Artz Brooklyn party stays FREE (this is how we say we love you, in NY-speak) and Matt Shadetek, Chief Boima, & I will be joined by always-inspiring guests from nicer cities: Nguzunguzu will be here from L.A. and Maga Bo will be in from Rio. So yeah, party will ram up, get there early, buy or rapidshare our last compilation album which has music by everyone playing, tell a friend to start a revolution, etc.

da sweatlodge1b


fri. March 11 @ The Cove, 106 N.6th st BK NY.


Nguzunguzu (L.A.)

Maga Bo (Brazil)

DJ Rupture

Matt Shadetek

Chief Boima


I’ve listened to some of Filastine’s upcoming album and it’s his best work yet! Grey is one of those people who believe that “log” is a better word for online journal than “blog.” Here is his log.

You can catch him live in Brooklyn at the Cove, tonight Feb 17th. Boosted shopping cart, wub-bass, rhythmic archival footage of riots & money, Accolades From The People of France, grit, etc.


where: The Cove, 106 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY
when: Thursday Feb 17, Filastine live set @ 1am
how much: $5

if Zuckerberg and the FBI don’t know you’re going, who will?

& back @ SONAR 2009

THURSDAY JAN 27th !!!!!!

QUE BAJO?! is back!!

It’s the return of the intergalactic gauchitos better known as Uproot Andy and Geko Jones. After a brief winter recess moon-walking across the globe and cooking up hotter than habanero remixes the Que Bajo?! party is back like a zombie Danny Trejo
On January 27th we welcome the Dutch-Dominican wonderkid DJ Munchi all the way from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Moombahton stylee from one of the scenes top notch DJ’s.

We have a couple of special surprises to announce as we get closer to the date but I wanna go ahead and introduce VJ Miixxy who will be controlling visuals for the evening.



DJ Munchi (Netherlands, Dominican)

Resident DJs Uproot Andy and Geko Jones

Visuals by VJ Miixxy

Hosted by Jean Bernabe and Amylulita

Flyer Design by Talacha.Net

Hey the internet, I know it’s been a while since we talked but I just wanted to let you know I still have feelings for you.  I’ve been ducked down with my head stuck into creating this new online Logic Pro course for Dubspot which is kind of an epic project so I’ve been slacking on my blog game.  I’ll be back soon, promise.  In the meantime instead of reading my internet words you can come and see me in real life at a variety of spots in NYC.  First is this Friday January 14th at Twisup at Deity in Brooklyn.  Twisup is Dave Q. of Dub War’s new party.  Apparently we’re playing New Bass now, not Dubstep.  I’m pretty comfortable with that designation.  It’s in downtown BK and in keeping with Dub War tradition I think it’s safe to expect some serious womp for your ear holes.

twisup flier with matt shadetek and distal

Next Tuesday the 18th I’ll be talking along with Ricardo Moncado from Halcyon at Netmix a new meetup started by Corey H Maass aka Secret Agent Gel.  I’ve known Corey for a LONG time here in NYC and recently reconnected with him in talking about some of the topics that I’ve been writing about lately.  He asked me to come and talk about it and I’m happy to do so.  It’s billed as ‘creative process in today’s music industry’ I think my talk will be more creative and less industry but who knows?  All the info is here.

Immediately afterward I will be hightailing it over to DJ at DJ Still Life’s one year anniversary for his Worldwide Smash radio show on East Village Radio (which I have appeared on).   The lineup is myself, Still Life, Jubilee, Shigeto, and JoJo Mayer.  I just looked in my email and somehow don’t have the venue info but you will be the FIRST to know (after me).

EDIT: Here’s the info it’s at Tammany Hall, (Formerly The Annex) which is at 152 Orchard St New York, NY 10013.

The following weekend on January 22nd I’ll be at Kingdom and Dre Skull’s Club Infinity party.  These two are some of my favorite producers in NYC covering a lot of the styles I’m into ranging from dancehall to housey stuff and so I’m very excited to play this.  I know that Tim Dolla is also playing and that Kingdom and Dre will play too,but little else.  I’ll add the flier here as soon as I get it.

Lastly, the following week I’ll be playing with Dub Gabriel, Noble Society w/ Jahdan Blakkamoore and Subatomic Sound System at Littlefield on Saturday Jan. 29th.  I think I’ll be playing a bit more dancehall and dubwise for that.  But who knows!?  Anything could happen!

And of course, perhaps most excitingly the REVENGE OF THE SLOTH!  We’re restarting New York Tropical at The Cove on Friday, February 11th.  I’m very excited about this one, it’ll be the first time the family will play together in NYC in a good while.  For all of you who have asked me about when we’re going to do another New York Tropical, here is your answer.  More crazily the party is FREEEEEEE.

New York Tropical: Revenge of the Sloth 2011 DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, Geko Jones, Chief Boima