New Release–KoraNYC by Atropolis & Yacouba Sissoko

Dutty Artz’ next release will be KoraNYC, a collaboration between Atropolis, and Malian Kora master Yacouba Sissoko.

Afropop premiered the EP for streaming yesterday. Listen to it here now:



Meet Omulu from Kafundó Vol. 1

Our last post on artists from the Kafundó Vol. 1 compilation has been a long time coming, but I assure you it is definitely not because this individual is the least. Here is my long-delayed profile on Rio de Janeiro based producer Omulu!



Chief Boima (Cold) Winter U.S. Mini-Tour

So I left the tropical comfort of Brazilian summer to come romp around in below freezing temperatures. Not that I’m complaining, cuz I get to play with some great people in the coming week!


Kora Player

Atropolis on working with the Kora, and the challenges of cross-cultural musical collaboration

My most recent release with Yacouba Sissoko, KoraNYC was a intense journey of doubt, fears, and listening — to the complexities of this rich melodic instrument, the Kora. This production got to a point where I was ready to give up. This is my experience with working with this historic instrument, my struggles with the production, and the tools I used to solve them.



DJ K7 premieres Africainoir (Mixtape and Party)!

This Saturday, February 7th, new Dutty Artz member, Selecta K7 is launching a party with Teleseen highlighting various electronic music from the African diaspora. Africainoir is about connecting tracks of the darker, more percussive and bass driven variety. He’s describing it as “The soundtrack to an unreleased Afrofuturist Film Noir set in 2075 Johannesburg.”


From Deep film still

FROM DEEP: NYC Debut, Dutty Soundtrack

This weekend Brett Kashmere’s beautifully done documentary about basketball & hiphop makes its New York City debut. I had the pleasure of doing music direction for this film. You’ll hear unreleased material from Chief Boima and Matt Shadetek, and as well as songs by Chants, Nettle, and Andy Moor & I. After Saturday’s screening I’ll be in a Q&A conversation with Brett. Union Docs is a wonderful warm spot, so please join us! Buying tickets in advance is a good idea.


Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.31.30 AM

I’m in Love with Coquito

YouTube Preview Image

The good folks over at Bushwick Public Access teamed up with Geko Jones to team to create the Puerto Rican Holiday Hip Hop Anthem of the 2015. We present to you Loco Lopez- I’m In Love with Coquito. Free Download Below.



Inside the Dutty Pool: Rumba and War

I have a friend whose father collects and sells records. As in, vinyl. This he does by mail, as an auction. No internet, no phone calls, no email. It’s not a good living, but it’s an interesting one, and occasionally through family connections I end up hearing some lovely tunes. This month, it was a gorgeous track by Orchestre Lipua Lipua called “Fuga Fuga.”



The key figures in Colombia’s Picó sound system culture

Keeping on today’s Colombia theme… The sound system, or Picó culture of the Caribbean coast of Colombia is very close to my heart. Not only is there a strong relationship between it and the popular music of 1970’s and 80’s West and Central Africa, but the propensity towards innovation via digital production (something that I’m near obsessed with as a DJ) is very strong in this part of the world as well.


Cali Flow Latino

Inside the Dutty Pool: Cali Flow Latino

For this month’s Dutty Pool, I wanted to include a piece of one of my favorite homegrown Colombian sounds that’s currently omnipresent on the radio stations and club systems, at least in Bogotá where I was living earlier this year.


Rasta Azonto Cover

Kush Arora’s Rasta Azonto Riddim EP

Our last release, the Calling All Girls Remix EP, featured a remix by DJ and producer Kush Arora. In his interpretation of the Robzilla produced original, he came with his signature dark-industrial sound. This is the same sound that really left an impression on us last year when he sent over his remix of Gyptian’s Wine Slow, and we decided to release it on our Six Years Deep anniversary compilation. Now having put out two of his remixes, we’ve decided to release a Kush Arora original, the Rasta Azonto Riddim, which will be out tomorrow on all your favorite digital stores!



Robzilla’s “Calling All Worlds” Mix

Mastermind behind the “Calling All Girls” single and remix EP, Robzilla has just put together a new mix to help promote the latest release. All this is in the lead up to the release of his full length collaborative album with Matt Shadetek from their sessions recording at Big Yard studios in Jamaica.



Inside The Dutty Pool: Gqom

For the past decade some of my favorite House music has come from the African continent, and things just continue to evolve. When I was hipped to the “Gqom” scene that’s been bubbling in Durban I was hooked.



Calling All Girls (All Over The World)

Out now, the remix EP for Chan Dizzy and Robzilla’s “Calling All Girls!” Grab it at iTunes, Beatport, Bandcamp, or any of your favorite digital stores!

Stream it below to check out all the remixes from Kush Arora, Deejay Theory, Lovetaps, and Samrai:



Inside The Dutty Pool: DJ Dotorado’s “African Scream”

We have a little internal record pool going on over here at Dutty Artz that is too good to keep to ourselves. So I’m going to kick off what should be a regular series called “Inside the Dutty Pool” with my own selection from the month of September: