Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday to NY Tropical 4, it was CRAZYYYYYYYYY.  I’m so happy that we were able to bring together everyone on that bill, Geko, Andy, Kingdom, Esau, Mariana all KILLED IT.  It was one of the best parties I’ve played at or been at in a long time.  Here’s a selection of pics from the night, thanks Lamin, Jean and Andy for taking these.

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7 responses to “WILD LIKE A RAINFOREST”

  1. Rupture says:

    i was holding it down in Mexico City but WOW, wish i coulda been there. got a bunch of emails confirming that the party was wild thru & thru

  2. ghostleg says:

    also wish i could have been there.
    bananaland indeed.

  3. luvvvolf says:

    looks unreally real. well done!!

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  5. Theory says:

    looks dope yo!

  6. Theory says:

    looks dope yo! big fun.

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