Friend of Dutty Artz and always fascinating Timeblind has a new dubstep mix up on Samurai FM.

Dubstep, dub reggae, sheets of noise, 4×4 beats and… stuff

As with everything he does, it is deeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I recommend.

Dive in.

(scroll to bottom of that page to stream the mix, no direct link)

GIF at top is from Timeblinds myspace, I have no idea either.


  1. the part i heard sounds awesome… is there a way to download it? embedded mixes are tough for me to here.

    while i’m requesting things, does anyone have an mp3 for “afrika tonik”? that track is a joy. makes me have hope for the future of cross-cultural collaboration. the dancing in the video is on point, too…

    to give back, i put a .zip six of my favorite new dubstep tunes on this post and blogged about an insanely awesome dubstep (and 4 on the floor) blog here… seems they got in trouble with agriculture records for posting “uproot”, but they did remove it, at least.

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