Chris Sattinger, aka Timeblind has made his mix I posted about recently, which is now titled “Flora Mix”, downloadable here. The title makes me think it’s intended as a compliment to his previous Fauna Mix.

He’s also re-designed his home on the web, crucial-systems.com. From our conversations when he was recently in New York I am hoping we can expect a whole raft of new tunes from him soon. Lord knows he has them. Let’s hope his insanely high standards can allow a few to escape from his Berlin studio.

His Ghostification EP may or may not still be available thanks to the friendly folks at Soot Records.

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3 responses to “TIMEBLINDIA UPDATE”

  1. Lamin says:

    Incredible! i like this even more than the previous Fauna mix, which was also fantastic.

  2. >Prays for new timeblind release<

  3. timeblind says:

    thanks kindly peoplez.

    yes, I have the new releases on deck. i promise !