SUPERTIGHT: The Wig Snatcher Pt. 1


I’m proud of the brilliant ladies behind SUPERTIGHT, because with each episode their Bushwick public access program gets simultaneously better produced and even crazier. A rare feat in today’s mediascape!

In Which Stormy’s Wig Gets Got

“Super Tight”: The Wig Snatcher Pt. 1 from PISTOL GRIP STUDIOS.


  1. Brilliant!!!

    Skank Williams III:

    A Gowanus Truck Stop Chieftain once told me that “Super Tight” was what would happen if you ate a pot brownie and had a fever dream at what you thought was the MoMA but was actually the MoMA’s permanent collection reproduced in velvet paintings and hung in your grandmother’s anteroom.

    But that guy is dead now.

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