Slang tunes / Never stop speaking it


Slang tunes are those jams that tell you what means what. Of course, the moment you hear them, they are out of date.

Cledus Maggard and the Citizen’s Band, “CB Lingo”, 1975(?)

Big L ft. Nas, “Ebonics”, 1998

Hell Rell ft. Cam’ron, 40 Cal, “Swagga Talk (Ebonics 2k7)”, 2007

We’re overdue for an update.

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4 responses to “Slang tunes / Never stop speaking it”

  1. this one’s dope as well

    Rafael Casal – Bay Area Slang

  2. w&w says:

    and let’s not forget this UK reggae classic, translating between cockney and yardie slang:

  3. kizzay says:

    Don’t forget Slang Like This, P-Money explaining British street slang: