Don’t let this well-shot video fool you – i have never seen Filastine go for more than 12 hours without his laptop(s). (Or, can one man really take on hypercapitalist consumer society with so many Mac products in his life?) I’m a PC user, btw.

Regardless of your OS and/or consumption patterns, check it, its awesome. Video to ‘Singularities’ from Dirty Bomb:


3 responses to “SINGULARITIES VIDEO”

  1. Lamin says:

    Great vid! Even more serious than that the previous epilepsy inducing one.

  2. Geko Jones says:

    Grey I’m guessing you shot this on bit of greatness on a small camara of some sort way Bo has and then do a lot of the video stuff on your own. what model camara make and model u knock this out on

  3. eWaste says:

    YES! Take on the capitalist pigs by throwing your toxic laptop into the ocean!