What does it mean when young white people want to do this to themselves?

(please note, to the best of my knowledge this is a totally serious, non-ironic “look how good my spray on fake tan I look like a carrot” scenario)

Further complicating the picture is the distinct influence of the far-east. Someone has obviously been travelling around the suburbs of New Jersey promoting the idea that it is cool to style your hair like a space mutant from Dragon Ball Z.


Why are they doing this with their lips?

I will leave interpretation to you. Note that the guy on the left looks like an androgynous clown who is melting. These men must spend a fortune on beauty and hair products. Obviously, identity politics is very complicated in America.


10 responses to “RACE IN AMERICA”

  1. Jigal says:

    “These men must spend a fortune on beauty and hair products.” ==> and obviously without succes … ;-)

  2. bok bok says:

    yo matt

    crazy shit huh? As far as i know the first two pictures aren’t from American, but rather from Hungary?

  3. dylan says:

    There’s gotta be a an internet trend going on somewhere for photos of skin bleaching.

  4. mrsham says:

    The kid on the left in the second picture (and the whythatsdelightful post) actually goes to my school in NYC, and he is from New Jersey.


  5. lone wolf says:

    to be fair, i think these guys are working with an entirely different set of references. the self-tan and blow-out seems to have more to do with southern italians than african-americans.

    of course, i don’t know any guys like this personally so it’s all speculation based on people in da club or in parked escalades.