Political Fuck- Balkan Beat Box



Wizraeli, a blogger from Generation Bass sent me the link to Balkan Beat Box’s new video, Political Fuck, and after watching it I had to post it. As a long time fan of Balkan Beat Box, I am always impressed with their fresh productions and political voice.  I will never forget the first time I saw them at Central Park with Antibalas-Afrobeat about 5 years ago. They absolutely killed it.  Considering all the world wide noise thats going on today, this song is a strong representation of the global movement that needs to occur- putting the power back into the peoples hands.




2 responses to “Political Fuck- Balkan Beat Box”

  1. wiz says:

    is ay this is a strong video with a simple message, thanks for passing on!

    Here’s another one that is massive as well:

    Dub Gabriel feat. The Spaceape – Is This Revolution


  2. cartagenanovoa says:

    hay muchas bandas y solistas q andan en la misma ,BBB sorprende , son prendios estos cauros.Felicitaciones.