que bajo

We’ve been looking forward to this week for a while. There are a ton great artists in from all over the world and a ton of free events this week you can attend including shows from Calle 13, Curumin, Palenke Soultribe, Bomba Estereo and more. Find a complete guide events hosted by NY Remezcla here.

On Thursday night after the Bomba Estereo show we’re hosting an LAMC after party with a slew of invited guests and unannounced surprise performances. Chief Boima, DJ Orion from Peligrosa All Stars, Nguzunguzu, Uproot Andy and myself plus friends like Chocquibtown and Palenke Soultribe in the building… its the mothafuckin ghettotech symposium you’ve all been waiting for.

Get in early its gonna be a fun one. RSVP to the Facebook event page here


3 responses to “OUR POWERS COMBINED”

  1. /r says:

    rumor has it Rita & i are gonna stroll in with 15 minutes of homemade MAMBO

  2. dave quam says:

    man what a fucking line up

  3. […] This was released by Bersa Discos and buyable here.  I was going to post this prior to last Thursday’s megaparty, but here it is now […]