On the radio tonight, I’ll be hosting Austin’s DJ Orion, performing live in studio! He’s extending the great Texan tradition of keeping cumbia crunk with his latest release, Carajo Colombia. After his DJ set we’ll find time for a quick interview and ticket giveaways to his Que Bajo show @ Santos on Thursday.

Here’s a taste of ‘Carajo Colombia’, you can buy it – setting your own price! – here

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3 responses to “ORION ON DECK”

  1. dave quam says:

    his ep or whatever is pretty bangin.

  2. […] Orion has been making waves for a little while now, recently featured at TheFader and Dutty Artz. He has just released a new album called Carajo Colombia, and you can get it for whatever you want […]

  3. dubbel dutch says:

    atx represent! <3

    tracks are big.