If I had more time I would of recorded street traffic and added it as a bonus cut “BK 4’33” on the new iphone friendly .m4r ring tone version of New York Tropical. Which now happens to be coming out on Nov. 9 – so push back your calendar a week and call it a date.

NEW YORK TONEZ 14 .mp4 FILES OPTIMIZED FOR UR IPHONE SO U CAN BRING DA CLOSER INTO YOUR LIFE. Does that ish work on ur blackberry/android/vertu/nokia?

I tried to post Tonez up on DA facebook but it bugged out about me logging in from Brazil…

who is this friend?

Did you hear that we can drink web 3.0?



6 responses to “NEW YORK TONEZ”

  1. ok says:

    i’m 12 years old and what is this?

  2. SdC says:

    just broke the iphone! too bad. but heard that web3.0 is liquid

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  4. taliesin says:

    I guess its pretty elitist to release NYTONEZ ONLY 4 IPHONE. so im adding 96kbps mono mp3 version to .zip 4 the rest of u

    also adding 96 kbps mono version of whole album onto soulseek now for “viral” breeding

  5. Dana says:

    My new NYTONEZ alarm makes waking up early so much easier. Thanks for letting non-iphonerz get tropicallove in the morning too.

    x hearty

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