I muddled these together about two weeks ago, somewhere between Alabama and Louisiana, while heading to Texas on that Green Owl biodiesel bus. I had been listening to Everyday Bullshit (a 3-track EP with two stunning joints – specifically “Always Sharp” and “Holki”) by ANS, a producer from Liberec, Czech Republic — and thinking about a way to include one of his tunes in my section of our Superfront mix. The mix was already crowded with some of my favorite recent dancehall bangers. I asked Gex if he had a roots joint to cool it out with, and he suggested some remix of “Hail The King,” but he also had the acapella for which he was unaware he had.  Anyway, I went straight for the acapella and five minutes later, threw up on top of ANS’s “Holki.” This is the result, with some minor vocal edits.

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4 responses to “MEANWHILE…”

  1. Thor says:

    right onm I dig it! i did a lil re-fix with hail the king as well. i cut up the vocals a lot though (cut out some of the track) to get it to fit in to the original beat that i made:

  2. This is quality. Lovin the backing beat in it.