For those wondering why we’ve got the ‘esoteric luv’ category over there in the tag cloud, listen to this.  Timeblind goes in again with this new deep-as-the-marineris-trench-dubstep-what-you-call-it mix.  Timeblind is definitely never ever normal, here he sits us down again and patiently shows us what is going on in his mind, in the form of an mp3 file.  Who knew?


info and download here.

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3 responses to “MAHOUT”

  1. jeff says:

    nice one. he took a lot of newish dubstep i wasn’t feeling before and contextualized it really well… amazing selection skills as usual.

  2. Lamin says:

    NICE! Timeblind mixes are always welcome. Can’t wait to listen to this one.

  3. Another great snapshot of Dubstep’s expansive sound capabilities.

    Put this one next to BenUFO’s Hessle Audio mix as the best in non-swine snorting Dubstep/Garage.