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International people:: the Jah Dan EP digitial version is ALSO available from a number of other mp3 stores, such as Juno (where you can buy 192, 320, or full WAV files) , Boomkat(320s or FLAC) , eMusic, and many others.   If you can’t use those sites from your home country, let us know in the comments.


8 responses to “LET’S BE BLUNT”

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  2. dabbler says:

    so this EP is only available in USA, not Canada.

    plus his myspace blocks requests from “Bands” and also blocks messages from people who are not his friend.

    Where can I buy this EP in CANADA?!?!?!!!!

    thanks in advance if you can help :)

  3. aBe says:

    Why u don’t want me to buy yr records???

    I’m from spain I cannot buy it. Its only avaliable in the USA store.

    This is s clusterfuck.

    Please pay more atention to the internetional fans, I don’t want to download this on Soulseek.

  4. Rupture says:

    Abe — acabo de agregar mas tiendas arriba.. a ver si eso ayuda! Boomkat te viene bien?? si no, donde vas a comprar mp3s en Espana? tambien estara en iTunes espana/europa, aunque , estando en Yanquistan, no tengo el link..

  5. carlos says:

    en españa se puede comprar por itunes, así lo hice yo. y además, la calidad de sonido es excepcional

  6. American in E8 says:

    Juno works from Spain I think…

  7. aBe says:

    Gracias por responder.

    En la tienda iTunes españa no me deja comprarlo igual que antes, me desvia a la americana.

    En tu respuesta dices que estará en la tienda española? (en un futuro supongo, si es así esperaré).

    Si no supongo que tendré que crearme una cuenta en Boomkat.