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Chief Boima‘s Techno Rumba EP is available now on iTunes, at Amazon and Boomkat! Read more about it + show some class & drop some change, people!

Techno Rumba is the excellent, official debut EP from San Francisco/Bay Area producer Chief Boima. Techno Rumba, the latest in a stream of digital EPs from Dutty Artz, is a pleasantly fresh and elegant take on Afrobeat and contemporary African dance music. It features two original tracks from Chief Boima; the irresistible “Baobab Connect” and the stunning title cut “Techno Rumba,” which boasts a pair of remixes from  Dutty Artz own DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek and Uproot Andy.  /Rupture and Shadetek are fresh off remixing Gang Gang Dance and Telepathe and turn in an immersive and hallucinogenic afro-colombian flavored edit while Uproot Andy aims straight at the dance floor with his Ojalá Rumba version which has been inciting madness at Dutty Artz New York Tropical parties for months.

Chief Boima is a DJ, Musician, and Beat Composer on a mission to rep Africa like the World Cup in 2010. Boima is resident DJ at the Bay Area’s number one international club Baobab Village, where he regularly takes San Francisco’s residents around the world with global urban club sounds. Of mixed American and Sierra Leonean Heritage, Chief Boima blends the Hip Hop and Electronic Dance styles he absorbed as a youth growing up in the U.S. Midwest with the Afro Pop lineage passed down from his family.

He puts it best himself: “What’s important about Boabab is that it is an African club in the heart of the city’s main nightlife districts where Africans can go to a place that feels like home in America but it’s not marginalized as an ethnic club on the outskirts of the city. The music reflects this.  Drawing influences from the Mission (historically latin) neighborhood, but also from all of our upbringings as first and second generation Africans, and an identity as black people in America. It is a place where I’ve been able to bridge the disparate worlds’ that I grew up in and create something that represents myself and my diverse experiences through music.”

We are reppin’ Africa like the 2010 World Cup!

Techno Rumba

01 Chief Boima – Techno Rumba
02 Chief Boima – Baobab Connect
03 Chief Boima – Techno Rumba (DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek Remix)
04 Chief Boima – Techno Rumba (Uproot Andy Ojalá Rumba Remix)

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