My new solo instrumental album Flowers is out!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

It took me a while to get this out, longer than I’d like considering it’s on my own label but now it’s out and it feels GOOD!  I love completing projects.  But it’s not done!  Now I have to actually sell some copies!  If you or your grandma or your friends on the internet would like to support the Dutty Artz movement and contribute to the cause of me buying diapers, catfood and continuing my lavish lifestyle for me and my young family that would be great!  There are many places to buy it.  Here is a list:


This is probably a good option if you want FLAC or any of those non-mp3 formats.
iTunes (USA):
If you buy here please write me a lavish review and give me five stars!  I deserve it!  If you’re browsing the store from your phone or whatever I am featured in front of the Electronic category in the USA store.



AND if you missed them you can get some free downloads including two songs from the album and a podcast DJ mix I did for XLR8R:

Download ‘Funny Cats’ from The FADER

Download ‘iHop’ from XLR8R

Download the podcast mix from XLR8R

Stream ‘Funny Cats’ from Soundcloud:

Funny Cats by mattshadetek

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16 responses to “MATT SHADETEK – FLOWERS”

  1. nic says:

    Hells yeah, sounds great man! Just bought it…hope you see some of the money.

    Hope DJ Rupture drops some cuts from it tonight in mexico city..
    Why aren’t you here also?

  2. Submarine says:

    wow matt… lolcats will lovez this. i can haz good beats. o/

  3. Nicolas says:

    I was really glad to hear you at Konkrete Jungle on Monday. Looking forward to hearing the last track of the album again.

  4. keith says:

    I’m old school and want the Object. Where in NYC is it available? Other Music and Halcyon- no and no. What’s up with that? Where?

  5. Matt Shadetek says:

    hey keith,

    The object doesn’t exist, it’s digital only. Thanks for your desire to support! Hope the lack of physical doesn’t deter you.


  6. Matt Shadetek says:

    nicolas: thanks man! It was fun playing on that system, also I haven’t played that much dubstep in a while, I enjoyed it.

  7. wolf.gang says:

    big up , juss heard it full length on juno: nice one!

    lp would be appr. though, dont like 2 pay fi dld…


  8. OS says:

    Love what I’ve heard so far, as usual with Shadetek joints, but I have to concur with wolf.gang and keith. I generally like to have a hard copy if I’m laying out cash. Any chance of that down the road? By the way, XLR8R mix was wicked as well, sir.

  9. wolf.gang and OS: the recording biz being what it is in 2010 it doesn’t make sense for us to put time and energy into making more petroleum based objects. If you’re not gonna buy it download it and tell a promoter to book me in your city! I need money!

  10. OS says:

    Fair enough, Matt. I’m sure I’ll buy it in the end. I just wanted to find out if there was any plan to mash up some fossil fuel into flat disc format before I did. I’ll sing Dutty’s praises to whoever will listen, by the way. We enjoyed your shows here in Austin during SXSW.

  11. wolf.gang says:

    yo matt

    dont worry, got a flac at boomkat,
    still prefer supporting yu in exchange fi vybz-on-vinyl
    …dun kno a promoter in person but juss aks rupture bout Graz, Austria
    would be a pleasure 2 c u round here

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  13. colin says:

    Looks like it’s on amazon mp3 too. Hey Matt, don’t know if you can answer this, but is there a difference in the amount of royalty you get from amazon vs. juno?

  14. […] The top-notch producer (& my partner in all tings Dutty) just released his debut solo album, Flowers, and he’ll be treating us to a live DJ set followed by talk about production, new bizness […]

  15. […] More on Matt: Matt is a good friend of mine and colleague over at Dubspot.  He writes a really helpful production tips column (e.g. THIS ONE on “production speed dating”, not as dirty as it sounds).  First and foremost, however, Matt is a very talented producer.  His album Flowers on Dutty Artz is out now on iTunes, Beatport, etc., and I like it a lot.  It’s kind of like a peaceful hybrid of many current electronic dance styles.  The textures are serene yet movable.  I could see myself listening to this lounging outside in the park on a quiet fall day or cutting a rug to it in a sweaty club.  I hate trying to put music into words, so check out Flowers for yourself on the following info page (complete with free downloads!) – […]

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