Photo of Jahdan by Amir Ebrahimi 

New dutty house 140bpm bassline remix of Jahdan’s Go Round Payola, by me, Matt Shadetek up now. I picked up the tempo and added that bassline whizz and squelch for maximum 3AM drunk bouncing. It’s the Bye Haters mix, free download exclusive for RCRDLBL, fuck with it.

Original mix:


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  1. […] Dutty Artz always keeps it interesting. The most recent example? Matt Shadtek’s bassline remix of “Go Round Payola,” featuring Jahdan. This one is decidedly upbeat, full of bass dripping with perseverance. At first, it just sounds like a sped up version of the original, then at :55 the wobbles kick in, and Shadetek keeps it movin’ from there. Download it for free, exclusively from RCRD LBL. […]