Next up in the Dutty Artz Podcast series, La Nueva Guaracha,  a great new mix from Geko Jones. If you stay up on this blog you know he and Dutty Artz amigo Uproot Andy have a party we call Que Bajo?! where they but a latin spin on the New York Tropical sound.

This is a snippet of the uptempo stuff Gex is playing around 2am at these parties. There’s also a quite a bit of glitched out and remixed cumbia, latin mashups, reggaeton and other sounds involved at the shows but we only have so much bandwidth. If you want to hear more be sure to pick up a copy the brand new Dutty Artz mixtape New York Tropical Vol 1 – Rupture vs Geko Jones available at the Glasslands party Friday March 27th.

Starting Thursday April 9th Que Bajo?! will be weekly at APT (409 W 13th St btw 9th ave/Washington in Madhattan)
stay chooned.


Olha o Beijo – Joao Linho
La Vida Vale La Pena- Petrona Martinez
Canto de Tucanes- Pedro Tapias (El Kuduro Sabroson remix by Reaganomics)
Kuduro Esaboka- DJ Prako
Juana La Caribe- Petrona Martinez
Ay Paloma (Geko Jones mashup)- La Reverenda
Los Olivos- Los Palos de DR
El Botellon (Uproot Andy remix)- Grupo Naidy

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10 responses to “LA NUEVA GUARACHA”

  1. james gyre says:

    i liked this geko, thanks…

    and i never thanked you for your tip, but merengue tipico/perico ripao was indeed what i was looking for way back when. i found piles of good stuff here (via some pirate bay merengue torrents)

    also, in case anyone is feeling a little booty’ed out, here is something with no ass at all!

  2. rupture says:

    mp3 not working 4 me

  3. Matt Shadetek says:

    Works for me, that’s weird.

  4. Definitely onboard with this mix. Some really tight re-workings in there. Not really into mad electroy vibes that I’ve heard in some new tropical vibes… but this hit the right button fo’damn’sho


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