Head over to Pitchfork TV, a subsidiary of the great tastemaker Pitchfork media, to see the rest of what looks like a brilliant five-part documentary on Jamaican Soundsystem, dub culture, and the roots of the “offbeat African energy.”

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  1. […] Dutty Artz just made my Friday night a little sweeter by pointing me to “Jamaican Soundclass” on Pitchfork.tv. This short documentary from director Adam Glickman, seen here in an early rough cut, explores the history of Jamaican sound system and dub culture. The film uses interviews with Paul Simonon, DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and more to explore the roots of this music and the influence it had around the world. […]

  2. Jason says:


    I have been looking for this doco for years, since I saw it screening at a film festival years back.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. […] Jamaican Soundclass Just founded an excellent documentary about jamaican Soundsystems, dubculture and the roots of our favourite music while cruising trough Dutty Artz. […]