I can’t believe I missed this phenomenal banger from Quik and Kurupt… I guess singles culture kept me from listening to all of BlaQKout… BUT DAMN!!

If your feeling like getting out on Friday in NYC- Mosholu Park, Tombs and myself will be tearing up one very small part of the massive FLUX FACTORY space up in Queens. I used to live in the old space they had- and they KNOW how to throw a party.  NES.Avi will be on live video duties – even if we wern’t gonna be there this party would be fucking insane. From Flux facebook event-

Join us on Friday, February 19th for Housebroken, Flux’s inaugural show! In celebration of our newest home, we’ve invited dozens upon dozens of artists to create works throughout the building. Housebroken is easily our biggest project ever, with over 100 installations, performances, and homey additions to our factory. Eclectic performances and unparalleled reverie begin at 8 pm, continuing on into the night. 39-31 29th Street, LIC, NY 11101

Suggested donation, $15 (tax-deductible)
Open bar courtesy of Campari, 21+
Please rsvp to
Housebroken will remain on view every Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 6 pm until March 21st.

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7 responses to “IT’S GONNA DROP AGAIN”

  1. vocal sample manages to feel both alien and right at home.

  2. Rupture says:

    yo T — Lamin beat you to this post by exactly 9 months…

  3. Taliesin says:


  4. Rupture says:

    dont sleep on big L’s posts!

  5. dave quam says:

    posting this twice is no problem at all. DJ Quik is all me and my roomate jam in the car.

  6. dave quam says:

    also the video for “hey playa(Moroccan blues)” is so awesome. Camel game hard.

  7. tighten that blog game tally