Tu connais le CIASTEP?


BABYLON RESIDENCE est le laboratoire des expériences musicales des Producteurs ANGELOSPI & GREENDOG, CIAFRICA

Voici l’Histoire

En ce temps Ninja Tune avait 20 ans
Spi a la crève d l’hiver. GreenDog le palu des tropiques. Barboza crie au loin.
Ces productions datent de 2003 à 2009

C’était le son du futur. Ca sonne clairement CIAstep


You know CIASTEP?


BABYLON RESIDENCE is the laboratory for the musical experiments of Producers ANGELOSPI & GREENDOG, CIAFRICA

Here’s the History

At the time Ninja Tune were 20
Spi has winter flu. GreenDog has tropical malaria. Barboza is shouting in the distance
These prods are from 2003-2009

It was the sound of the future. Clearly sounds CIAstep


Babylon Residence is sick.

History of BABYLON PART 1 produced by BABYLON RESIDENCE mixed by GREENDOG

1)Dubstrip remix
2)Canabella 2min18
3) 24 3min06
4)Skungha (intro) 3min39
5)Avancia 3min56
6)Corde Indus remix 4min16
7)Quadraspèremétal Harmonie 5min39
8)Passion off Green remix 6min 56
9)Phyzikochilik 7min21
10Dis moi 8 min41
11)Chacun sa voix 9min57
12)Boombass 11min15
13)Elephant Apooo 13min04
14)Methamorphose 14min10
15)kimielectra 14min51
16)Elecwarafrik 16min51
17)Industrialdark 18min04
18)Babylon advisory 18min53
19)Bad y live 21min58
20)Kartaket 24min07
21)Hohiss 25min02
22)Akwaba 27min33
23Bouge 29min
24)Afristepdub 29min43
25)Darl 30min39
26)Slarapoler 31min33
27)Psychi! a3 32 min 25
28)Océane rapace 34min19
29)Skulzz 35min55
30)NBT 3 37 min 30
31)vendsuisam 38min46


“DJ /rupture presents CIAfrica” @ amazon / ttl / boomkat

“MANUSA: La clé du puzzle” @ tunecore

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  1. rupture says:

    i love that they used the babylon res jpg taliesin put up! BIG UP CIA