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Wills Glassspiegel sent me this after I ran into him on the street and remarked how much I enjoyed the radio broadcast he worked on for Afropop about the black American roots of house and techno here.

I’ll let him speak:

“Thought you and Dutty Artz might be interested in this interview tape I recorded in Chicago with Traxman, RP Boo, DJ Earl and Boylan.  I think everyone has been trying to describe “footwork” and no one quite gets to it like these guys.  In publishing this tape (which i did with their permsision), I was reminded of Lomax’s old oral history interviews with blues musicians.  So important for musicians to tell their own stories.”

Yup, I agree. I always prefer to listen to music talk about their own work and scenes as opposed to various usually distant journalistic interpreters. Listen, learn and enjoy.

Footwork Selects by longlooks


5 responses to “FOOTWORK ORAL HISTORY”

  1. rabit says:

    possible dl for my records?

  2. Jim says:

    Enjoying the irony that Flash is so broken on this here device that the interview is sounding like a footwork remix of itself. Would also be good to hear and understand it tho. dl?

  3. Now available for download, please credit this recording and the artists in any citations / samples. Hit me up for more info anytime: And if you’re in NYC, come hear Traxman play on Saturday night >>

  4. […] Wills was nice enough to make the audio in the original post (below) downloadable for those of you who requested it for your […]