Dutch House, Dutch Trance, Mashup-Trance-House,House and Mashups


We’re speeding up the content production/consumption cycle in the instant update world… and no one does snarky music world twitter better then Disco Shawn (who was also dropping gems on Muddup a couple weeks ago LISTEN HERE) h/t to him for this video which defies commentary beyond the fact that sometimes its cool to live in America where something like Sensation (source of some of the clips below) could NEVER happen.



2 responses to “Dutch House, Dutch Trance, Mashup-Trance-House,House and Mashups”

  1. dave quam says:

    Oh my god that was hilarious. I totally didn’t get it at first, honestly not until the Pabst Schemer part. I am slow.

  2. Lowdjo says:

    ..the hottest people AND women!