For all of you waiting for comment from Mr. Shadetek as to who won Sting 2008 Movado vs. Vybz Kartel, my vote is for Mr. Not Nice, Kartel.  Vado yelling ‘Level’ again and again really wasn’t working for me and Kartel really seemed to be coming with a lot more direct counteractions explicitly flipping Movado’s lyrics back at him.  For the record I love both of their music but I think that the Gully God is at something of a disadvantage here against Kartel’s lyrics.  Movado relies a lot more on his singing and tone to make his music whereas Vybz is coming in hard with words and content.  For example the beginning of this post-clash diss song, that has so many different wacky youtube videos for it I couldn’t post just one.

“Di bwoy run like a woouunded dooooooogggg/bruk Usain’s recoooorrddd”  – Kartel

That right there is an instant super forward.  For those who haven’t followed the clash coverage this is referring to Movado’s sudden run off stage (taking the backing band with him) in the middle of the clash.  Not quite sure what the rationale was for that one but leaving Kartel literally the last man standing on stage is just not a strong move in a clash.  It also opens the door to countless hilarious photoshop mashups of Movado’s head on Usain Bolt’s body etc etc.  Watch and enjoy.



Post clash interviews, Kartel also clearly comes off better.  Kartel understands the idea of message management and how to project confidence.  Mavado’s defensiveness does not make him look like a winner. (via Bigger Judgement)


And the original clash:



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  1. d says:

    kartel took it.. much more collected and ready for the war.