here you go.

in case you havent gotten bored with resampling a sample of a sample of a sample of a sample of a sample of a sample of a sample of sample, cue lasers.

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9 responses to “CUE LIL JON, CUE AIRHORN”

  1. Blip says:

    I just need to go and use ALL of them in the same tune.

  2. lobosolo says:

    mac / linux users, easy way from terminal:

    $ wget -r -l2 -A.mp3

    $ wget -r -l2 -A.wav

    yep. g33kz

  3. dj empirical says:

    invite only. sad christmas.

    invite me?

  4. Rupture says:

    hmm, it didnt used to be invite only! weird. i can ZIP up those goodies, i think i saved em somewhere…

  5. Brrrap says:

    If you’ve still got the files kickin around, would be dope if you could ZIP ’em up and ZHARE the link. (if you can be arsed, that is?)

    Thanks anyway dude. quality blog.

  6. rajah says:

    Thanks Rupture for the zip. I grabed this in Sep last year via your OG post but then lost it. glad to have it back.

  7. james gyre says:

    fuck… knew i shouldn’t have deleted this when i had it. now i need an airhorn bad!