Crank Dat Tarraxinha



Angola meets meets Atlanta in this mix by DJ Eridson. One for the Fruityloops Hall of Fame indeed. This track is 3 years old but Eridson has new music up on soundcloud, including this Coupé-Décalé track he upped yesterday:

D.D 179 Gina Hot [2012] Dj Eridson, Dj Dorivaldo, M.Pondu, Dj Havaiana, Jacobe e Dr.Tchubi (remix) by djeridson

Bonus Tarracha:



One response to “Crank Dat Tarraxinha”

  1. Wtf why can’t I be one of the cool kids who just KNOWS how to use fruity loops? Respect for anyone who can figure it out and knows how to make it sound good. This is pretty sweet – my fave FL guy has to be Pretty Lights though.

    The Internet Garbage