Dear Santa, thanks for giving me all that stuff, but I regret not getting 16,254 reggae jams from the Trojan Records back-catalog.

or, Happy Boxing day!

umpteen Trojan box sets available here.



10 responses to “BOXING DAY”

  1. james gyre says:

    thanks for the link.

    i bought about twenty of these box sets in 2002 when i lived in vermont. i listened to them all, and some of the tracks on them feature heavily in my 7 part roots, rocksteady & dub mix (which i’ll upload someday). a couple years later i downloaded a bunch more off emule.

    honestly they are a lot of work to listen to them all, and i haven’t bothered with most of the new ones. in general i think each compilation could be narrowed down from three discs to two or even one of the crucial tracks.

    props to the dub vol 2 box, dub vol 1 and the last disc of the lee perry box set which features the really long, epic tracks scratch was doing right before the fire.

    i’m not knocking this music, it’s just nearly prohibitively large. good if you want to spend a year listening to almost only reggae (like i did in 2002)…

  2. Lamin says:

    I was watching The Harder They Come on DVD with this afternoon.

    So incredible, but I’ll start with those dub sets James pointed out, along with the Lee Perry set.

  3. james gyre says:

    to be fair, some of the rasta/nyabinghi box is hot too.

    a lot of this might come down to the taste you have in reggae, and what you already have. the roots and rocksteady boxes are fine, but i like my twinkle brothers /alton ellis collection more than those comps…

    never heard the carnival/sisters/kids box sets, they might be great…

  4. Rupture says:

    the ‘Roots’ one isn’t on this site, its the only one i’ve heard, i wore out the discs my first summer in madrid, some amazing material…

  5. james gyre says:

    for the record, the roots set is on the site, as is the roots reggae box… track 16 disc 2 of the roots box is my favorite roots tune of all time.

    for a similar complete dump of too much music peep grime on rapidshare

    i found it searching for trim’s soul food vol. 3 (they had 1 & 2, but not three… if anyone has that…

  6. james gyre says:

    oops wrong link for grime on rapidshare… here’s the correct one.

  7. Birdseed says:

    My thirty or so Trojan Box Sets are all gathering dust in a box in my store room right now, but I’m damn glad I got them. The Rocksteady Box Set especially (which affectionados tend to pan as being too basic) provided a huge and critical part of my personal growth in music listening.

  8. Clive Greensleeves says:

    I’m all for free enterprise but this sucks shit.

    Dont download the fucking things.

    By em for $15 dollars.

    Respect the artists & producers.

    They paved the way for the good music you guys play & make.

    Great site otherwise.



  9. Rupture says:

    Clive – re: respecting artists & producers, i’d love to hear what sort of deals /percentages they receive from the ongoing sales of Trojan compilations.

    *especially* the artists. If it were clear that, say Johnny Osbourne was still receiving Trojan royalties then that information would probably spur more fans to purchase what you refer to as “the fucking things”.

    I think the ambient assumption is that the artists & producers no longer directly benefit from purchase if they ever did.

    As for me, I bought my Trojan box set(s) back in the day… then downloaded the ones i own since the CDs are in storage somewhere.