which gamelan is the craziest? some performers of the javanese style told me (and would no doubt tell you) that balinese gamelan is noisy, rough and too fast. great. (de)-tuned drums, 88 and more.

Balinese Legong / from

…and the dance. watch the eyes. “I was a bit hesitant to upload this video because I find the dancers’ movements to be somewhat unrefined and a bit too frenetic.


london’s 23 Skidoo started out in the late 70s playing industrial/post-punk and moved into dub and breaks before forming ronin records (one of the best UK hiphop labels). inbetween this, the band spent a lot of time in indonesia… and released a record called urban gamelan. wot u call it? police cars with gongs on the roof rack clang across the intersection.

23 Skidoo – Sirens



8 responses to “BASHY GAMELAN”

  1. I love gamelan, this is shit is the fucking ruckus, especially the metal ensemble stuff. It’s like jungle with melody instead of amen. Wicked.

  2. dubhghlas says:

    most performers of javanese gamelan focus on the central javanese styles of yogyakarta and solo (surakarta), which are strictly speaking, classical styles. they are typically reserved. however, in the 300-400 miles in between solo and bali exist a plethora of folk style gamelans mixing the slow, sometimes sludgy pace of central javanese classical gamelan with incredibly frenetic balinese-paced bridges. not too much recorded east javanese gamelan material out there, as far as I know. this piece is awesome, and almost reminds me of squarepusher’s “budakhan mindphone,” which in some ways exemplifies the tempo changes and calm/craziness that I associate with gamelans from Malang and Jember, East Java.

  3. wtc says:

    thanks matt & dubhghlas – going to keep my ears peeled for those east styles.

  4. Got to see Javanese “b2b” w/ Balinese in SF years ago. Although there’s tons of styles, the general difference was clear. Balinese is the original speed metal!

  5. Richard S. says:

    OK, this dance just has to go on my blog too. Thanks!

  6. […] Legong Lasem (part 1) Gamelan music, Balinese Legong dance. This is good!  Thanks Dutty Artz, where I found this first.  (Yes, this is my favorite of these dance clips too -probably because […]

  7. MikeM says:

    Word up! I was just diggin’ this ish too. I came across “Bopong” by I Lotring like half a year ago, and since then? Been dreamin’ about those metalaphones and gongs.

  8. ini.itu says:

    we will have a few records out that might interest you if you like gamelan based music : an LP by Kraig Grady (Anaphoria) with metallophones, and soon recontextualised gamelan and indonesian field recordings by Francisco López [oct?], d’incise [dec?] and probably in 2010 Freiband :)