and the winner is…..


Somebody call Kanye and tell him to say somethin stupid.

Buzzrock Warrior was just awarded Best Reggae Album 2009 by iTunes in both US and Germany. 2008’s award went to his band Noble Society so that’s double down on the BRAGADAPS!!!!


3 responses to “and the winner is…..”

  1. Jim says:

    And rightly so!
    Respect all round Dutty Artzers, a fine year of releaseration from your camp

  2. MLKshake says:

    had no idea about noble society- but caught the jahdan wave from the dutty artz promotion- just got “take action”- thanks for the tip on both- dutty artz go boom!boom!

  3. Marflix says:

    Congrats and respect.. it is a great album. Nice show in Berlin though