Last night’s radio show: September 27, 2010 – quiet sounds for a rain-streaked night.

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Sept 27 2010 tracklist

Islaja – Joku Toi Radion

Eskmo – The Melody

James Blake – The Bells Sketch

How To Dress Well Escape Before The Rain

Tamikrest – Aratane N’Adagh

Sahl La Guido – Ndarka

Eskmo – Cloudlight

Philip Jeck – All That’s Allowed

Niger – AutoTune

King Abid – Yezzi mel Viss Mashmixxx

Huess – Broke

Alkibar Gignor – Rehearsal

How To Dress Well – Decisions ft. Yuksel Arslan

Enrique Diaz – Tu Sombra (rebajada)

Balam Acab – Dream Out

Knight Magic – El Baile de la Cumbia

Balam Acab – See Birds (Sun)

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3 responses to “AN ARK FOR THE LISTENER”

  1. yllat says:

    I think you should post the radio every week.

  2. Keith says:

    Jace- it was interesting how many more responses the WFMU playlist received during the “gray and rain” show. An untapped thirst for ambient-type music?

  3. Rupture says:

    yeah, i was wondering about that myself!