G-Side – Run Thingz

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G-Side‘s Starshipz and Rocketz, a fourth quarter release from an independent label in Huntsville, Alabama ~ Slowmotion Soundz ~ is without question one of the greatest misses of 2008.  Produced by Block Beataz (think Organized Noize, UGK, Three 6), don’t let the Afrofuturist/”Afronaut” title mislead you,  the album is down to earth, cohesive, remarkable, unpredictable and exciting.  Read Andrew Noz’s review here.

Why is the duo’s name missing from the album cover? It only has the record label and the album title, as in “Slowmotion Soundz presents Starshipz and Rocketz” prompting Amazon to call the group Starshipz and Rocketz. CD Baby got it right.  Can someone please help identify that sample? I’ve noticed samples on the album ranging from Enya to Isaac Hayes.



  1. JoeRuckus says:

    Hey Lamin. That sample’s from the classic German happy hardcore group DUNE, their ’95 release ‘Hardcore Vibes’, which was dedicated to all the ravers in the nation [as were so many subsequent releases].

    Lovin the G-Side, new to me. Love the style collision.

  2. saltz says:

    that’s tight, i hadn’t heard it. but have you heard that diplo paper route records mixtape? ( g-side’s on it. i think they’re putting something in the huntsville tap water. i think that something is fire.

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  4. mike in brooklyn says:

    my fav track on this album is “speed of sound” – the one you referenced that samples “orinoco flow” by enya. it also samples the song “hide and seek” by imogen heap, which was unexpected but awesome.

  5. CP says:

    …G side’s name isn’t on the album cover for one reason. We do everything we can to eliminate individuality. Nobody or person is bigger than the slo. Starshipz and rocketz is a slo album. G side happens to be the specific performers on the record and block beataz just happens to be the production, but done for a singular cause. Its 7 or 8 people that actually make this company move and operate efficiently. We have admin department, management, audio/visual production, marketing department, IT department, legal counsel, and a goon/muscle dept for things that are beyond talking about. Hope that clarifies a little bit. All groups fall when 1 person thinks they can carry the weight. Respect.