90210 <3s RUPTURE (2009 rewind)


Yeah yeah, this happened last year. But I didn’t blog about it. And since today is 9/02/10…

Here’s what Tripwire said:

Last night on 90210, when explaining why he and his girlfriend are made for each other, the character played by Tristan Wilds (the dude from the fourth season of The Wire) says, “WE BOTH LIKE DJ /RUPTURE.” WHATTT! Either the screenwriter was consulting Wilds as to what DJs he’s into, or the screenwriter was like “OH YEAH DUH, PRIVILEGED BEVERLY HILLS TEENS ARE TOTALLY, TOTALLY INTO GUARACHERO AND CUMBIA!” Maybe they have better taste than we thought? We’re pulling for a guest appearance next. We’ve already written the plot: So the girl he’s dating finds out that he’s still in high school (she’s an older woman) and dumps him because, ew. But then they GO to a DJ /Rupture gig (one where he’s DJing all obscure dancehall maybe), they meet him and he gives them sagely advice about how age ain’t nothin but a number, and they get back together. COME ON! Watch the show after the jump… the moment comes at about 12:40 in a beach scene.


2 responses to “90210 <3s RUPTURE (2009 rewind)”

  1. my girl watches this all the time, I pissed myself laughing when he said that line, I assumed there was some crap LA “electro” dj with the same name

  2. DJ NewLife says:

    Can you say “Come Up”? Nice.