Tuesdays made nice


Round these parts, the trend-settin Tim Turbo Tuesdays podcast has become a weekly staple where we check for new titles. Be sure to check them for random facts and new choons in dancehall, ragga and tropical bass, fashion, music, trends. Large up to the crew from the Dutty Artz fam.

For more dope sounds also check my man Emch’s Subatomic Sound Radio Show on Mo’Glo.


2 responses to “Tuesdays made nice”

  1. Tobias says:

    Servus. Thanks for the support! Dutty Artz has been a major influence to what we do over at seen. – keep up the good work. And pssst: it´s Tim Turbo “Thursday” ;-)

  2. […] I had some internet hypie hype days lately. The Tim Turbo Thursday got featured on Dutty Artz (although the great guys over there think that Tuesday is the new Thursday :-) ) and my Mavado […]