I don’t know what part of the map you are, and I have no idea what Mohammed Issa Matona (and his backup singers) are singing about on the closing track of Maga Bo‘s Archipelagoes, but I can listen to it for days. It is truly something sublime, something to heat our spirits in this cold, cold wintery blast. Six minutes is really not enough, but it’s all we get & we appreciate it.

Maga Bo – Beni (featuring Mohammed Issa Matona)

Look for Maga Bo dates in Australia and Europe this December and January, one extra special date with his Sonar Calibrado partner Filastine @ Peats  Ridge Festival in New South Wales, Aus.

PS – For those of us lacking knowledge in East African music, Sir Ruptcha recommends this – & a quick historical look at Tanzanian music from Afropop.


3 responses to “6 DEGREES OF MAGA BO”

  1. james gyre says:

    album of the year according to carlos… still haven’t heard the whole thing yet, better pony up soon.

  2. Jason says:

    yes! Australian tour! amazing.. now we just need rupture here again, and matt shadetek.. well all the dutty artz folks, please!

  3. Rupture says:

    WE ARE READY! i had an excellent time down there a few years back. periodically someone will talk about organizing something but it has never materialized since…