F*%! that R&B scenario playin all day on the Radio


Gotta love the fact that we’re moving past the studio and the night club, into a visual realm. Tropical Bass doubles down this week with two new music videos from a few of our favorite artists this year.

First up, Mexicans with Guns new video “Dame Lo” shot by System D-128 could possibly represent more elements of chicano culture than Danny Trejo’s tattoo collection.

and Uproot Andy’s remix of Los Rakas tune Abrazame gets the treatment and rakes in over 4000 views in just 1 day. BOOM!



2 responses to “F*%! that R&B scenario playin all day on the Radio”

  1. nati says:

    …in one day!

  2. Sevi rey says:

    This song is the shit!