Dutty Artz will release Lamin Fofana‘s debut EP What Elijah Said on September 21. Lamin has been steadily working on beats for the past few years, and he’s about to make a public birth.

When we asked him to describe the music, Lamin sent us this sentence: “Yet, he would refer to the Mother Plane, a mysterious space ship with superior beings, giant black gods or something like that, that patrolled the universe, keeping an eye on the devil and ready to rescue Black Muslims from Armageddon.” Sounds like sci-fi, but turns out it’s from the New York Times 1975 obituary (!) for Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad.

Everything is not what it seems, and this music’s mark of greatness is the way it so effortlessly calls for repeat listens.

What Elijah Said EP:

01 Happy 2010 // Dark Days Are Coming
02 “I will admonish you and give you absolution”
03 What Elijah Said // Eye on the Devil
04 Dance In Yr Blood

Artwork: Boy holding fluorescent bulb,  photo by Brendan Bannon, Dandora Dumpsite, Nairobi. 8/29/2006.   Hundreds of trash pickers scavenge the dump for food, plastic, glass, and metal. Areas of the dump smolder from a slow burn of plastics and detritus just under the surface. Local activist have attempted to close the site due to pollution concerns.


Lamin Fofana  was born in the West African country of Guinea. When the political situation got bumpy, he moved to Freetown, Sierra Leone, where his routine involved listening to Goodie Mob and Organized Konfusion as well as attending Quranic schools/mosques. In 1997 Lamin’s family had to flee worsening conditions in Sierra Leone – losing friends, belongings, documents, a home. They spent several days crossing roads and bridges destroyed by rebels to prevent people from escaping. At the end of the year, Fofana found a new home in Harlem, New York, where he lives today.

Chief Boima is a Sierra Leonean-American electronic musician, DJ, writer, and outspoken advocate for the cutting-edge digital music coming out of many parts of the world today.

Currently based in NY, Boima began his international DJ career on a self-initiated travel stint to try and connect with like-minded artists in various parts of the world. From the beginning, his performances integrated a diverse array of global musical styles, inspired by the parties he knew growing up in a close knit African immigrant community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and similar communities across the United States.

Settling down in the San Francisco Bay Area, he became a resident DJ at Little Baobab nightclub, and grew to be an internationally respected figure in the promotion of various global club music styles. His travel experiences and global music expertise launched a writing career which has seen him contributing to various music and culture online and print publications (Ghetto BassquakeAfrica is a CountryWFMU Radio, and The Fader Magazine.)

As a producer, Boima has released original tracks and remixes alone, as part of the duo Banana Clipz with DJ Oro 11, and as a member of the Australian-American experimental band Beaten By Them. He’s also done collaborations with folks like DJ Orion, Lamin Fofana, DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, and Uproot Andy, as well as producing tracks for international artists such as Los Rakas, Black Nature of the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, and Khady Black.

Visit chiefboima.com for more information.

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Friday November 20 – DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek, Devlin + Darko. @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago. Free with rsvp, $10 otherwise. to get in free, email: rsvp@emptybottle.com

Saturday November 21 – DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek @ The Video Saloon, Bloomington Indiana. A Benefit Show for the Indiana Forest Alliance.

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for a taste of what Matt will be spinning, check his latest mix, S3CR3T KN0W13DG3 – triangulated somewhere dutty between Matt’s own productions, up-to-the-times dancehall, and UK funky.


Radio tonight: special guest Bendude from Montreal’s Masala crew! Topic: Digital digging. (aka Secret Google Cheat Codes). We’ve hosted ‘analog’ diggers like Beto from Soundways and Sonido Martines, now it’s time to learn about the other side…

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