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Dutty Artz is a crew of multi-disciplinary producers, who are changing their corners of the world through various forms of digital expression.

Founded in 2008 by Matt Shadetek and DJ /rupture, over the years Dutty Artz has evolved from a record label to a blog to its current form as a crew of multi-disciplinary producers. Unified through music, we experiment in the creation of cultural value through collaboration in a hyper-connected world. In our work, we aim to fairly present cultural output from eclectic localized communities, to challenge creative industry standards and dominant social norms.

General Contact: To send promotional material and general inquiries to: family [at] duttyartz.com.

Booking: If you'd like to book any Dutty Artz artists contact: booking [at] duttyartz.com

Internships: For opportunities to work with Dutty Artz, send a resume to: label [at] duttyartz.com

Blog Contributors: /rupture, Matt Shadetek, Geko Jones, Taliesen, Lamin Fofana, Chief Boima, Ahmad Julian, Alexandra, Atropolis, Carlos, Chants, CSWAG, DJ Bent, Gregzinho, Lone Wolf, Ushka, Uproot Andy, Vincent, Word The Cat, Iswayski, DJ Ripley, Mpeach, Sam Hillmer, K7, Riobamba